Smarter Spend Management

Corporate cards with built-in spend controls, multi-level user access and accountability and real-time spend insights that help your business make smarter decisions

Spend Control

Effortless Spend Control

Get back control of your business spending with corporate cards that enforce your expense policies with customizable controls and alerts

Issue Cards in minutes

Instant virtual and physical card issuance for all your team. Easy card requests via Slack, email or SMS – supporting optimal security, convenience and management of subscriptions, one-time payments and other special circumstances to avoid over-payment or unwanted costs

Your Cards. Your Rules.

Instantly apply your expense policies, such as spending limits and vendor and category controls, to each physical and virtual card in your company. Lock, cancel and reorder right from your desktop or mobile app

Smart Notifications for Complete Visibility

Host of self-serve transaction alerts via email, SMS or push notifications for both managers and users, so no expense goes unmonitored

Spend Management

Cards to Empower your Teams

Organize your cards by function and team to effectively support the right spending, in the right place, at the right time

Responsible Spending

Empower your managers and teams to manage spending responsibly with easy approval and instant card issuance for all their planned or unexpected business spend

Multi-Level Access and Controls

Manage your cards with defined user roles of administrators, managers and cardholders, and provide access to your accountant. Empower managers to issue and monitor spend for their own teams


Spend Insights

CAARY provides complete visibility to spending at all levels and by all categories

Live Transactions Visibility

Search and download your company’s complete spend history by teams, cardholders, vendors and users. No more waiting until month-end statements to control spend

Spend Dashboard

Monitor vendors, team or category spend in real-time. Make better decisions with spend insights at your fingertips. Analyze your spend behaviour and compare against your historical spend.

Insights that Save Costs

Get AI based insights for future cost savings. Compare your spend with similar businesses in Canada. Reduce wasteful spending by making better decisions with real-time data

Personalized Savings Tips

Proactive and personalized insights based on your spend history such as budget planning, tax tips, warranty reminders and bulk purchase ideas. More features are being added continuously

Business Credit and Payments Technology

Designed for businesses in all stages of growth

Higher Credit Limits

Unlimited and Instant Card Issuance

No Founder liability or Credit checks

Straight up 1.5% cashback

No Hidden Fees

Zero Fraud Liability

Easy online application

Automatic receipt matching

One - click accounting sync

Upgrade your Corporate Card

Simplify your life

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