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Corporate Cards and Expense Platform in Perfect Harmony

5 Minute Online Application
Get spending within minutes
Limits that grow with you
Adding fuel to your growth
Focus on your business
Not on managing expenses
Peace of mind included
World class security and service

No more sharing credit cards

Order unlimited physical and virtual corporate cards for all your business spend in an instant and for your entire team. Easy sign-up and instant virtual card issuance

Powerful Controls

Ensure responsible business spend with built-in category and vendor spend limits. Install daily, monthly or one-time spend limits to any card

Credit where credit is due

We use innovative underwriting algorithms to support businesses of all sizes and in different stages of growth, including start-ups and newly formed companies. We offer higher credit limits than banks and they grow as your business grows

No personal liability or credit impact

Founders and business owners are not personally liable with CAARY. We underwrite your business, not you. Build your business credit with CAARY

Industry leading 1.5% cash-back and no pesky fees

We offer a No-Annual Fee package and don’t charge any cash advance, foreign exchange, or late payment fees. Earn straight up 1.5% cash back on every transaction with no caps or restrictions on how much you can earn.

Worldwide Acceptance

Your CAARY Mastercard® business card comes with Zero Fraud Liability, worldwide acceptance and emergency help anytime, anywhere and in any language with Mastercard Global ServiceTM as well as 24/7 support from CAARY

Virtual Cards

Say hello to your new best friend – virtual cards

Virtual cards are just like physical credit cards with a unique 16-digit card number linked to you account, but without the plastic

Use virtual cards to manage your online spend, subscriptions and recurring payments with better security and control

Order one-time use cards for added security or to manage ad-hoc spend

Issue unique cards for each subscription or preauthorized payment

Issue unlimited virtual cards in seconds, as soon as you are approved

Goodbye out-of-pocket spend. Issue virtual cards for staff in seconds

Greater Security and Fraud Protection

Protect your information online by limiting exposure to a single card number. Simply lock or cancel the card on your CAARY app or online portal to keep your account safe

Instantly issue One-Time-Use cards

Worried about a major purchase with a new vendor or sampling an online trial offer or paying for a team lunch, just issue a single-use virtual card with a spend and vendor restriction that expires at your control

Manage preauthorized payments

Use a unique virtual card with a set spend limit for each recurring payment. Virtual cards never get lost or stolen so you never have to worry about updating card details with vendors or missed payments

Better subscription management

Use a unique virtual card for each subscription. Set monthly spend limits to ensure you never get overcharged and keep those surprise cost increases in control. Simply lock or cancel the card if subscription cancellation becomes a hassle

Want to know more about Virtual Cards?

What's a Virtual Card?

Virtual cards and purely digital cards that are linked to your CAARY account. They have a unique 16 digit card number, security code and expiry date just like your physical cards. They keep your main physical card numbers protected. You can use your CAARY virtual card for use with a single merchant and set spend limit and an expiry date

Can I use Virtual cards in-store ?

Although Virtual cards are designed for online spend, they can be used in-store via your phone’s digital wallet or anywhere card details can be manually entered. Simply add your CAARY Virtual card to you mobile wallet and you’re good to go

Is Virtual Mastercard accepted everywhere?

CAARY Virtual card is accepted everywhere you physical card is accepted. However you cannot use your Virtual card for cash withdrawals at an ATM. We also recommend not using your virtual card anywhere where a physical card may be required like hotel reservations

What's the benefit of using Virtual Cards?

Virtual cards provide better security for online spend and prevent vendor fraud. They reduce your risk on subscriptions and recurring payments and help you control spend. Data breaches happen, if your virtual card details are ever exposed if one of your Vendor is hacked, your exposure is limited to the virtual card you used, instead of your whole account

How do I order Virtual Card?

Simply select “Virtual Card” at the time of ordering a new card and provide with the relevant details for your card like the cardholders details any Vendor, Spend restrictions and whether you want to set a custom expiry date. Then the card is issued instantly and good to use within minutes

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Designed for businesses in all stages of growth

Higher Credit Limits

Unlimited and Instant Card Issuance

No Founder liability or Credit checks

Straight up 1.5% cashback

No Hidden Fees

Zero Fraud Liability

Easy online application

Automatic receipt matching

One - click accounting sync

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Simplify your life

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