Faster, Simpler and Safer Money Transfers

Security and Stability

Best-in-class security tools with real-time account verification. Mastercard and Visa Certified, so your payments are backed by the security & reliability of the largest global payment networks.

Anytime, Any Method, Anywhere

Instant transfer of funds to 150+ countries all day, everyday to any type of financial account including:

  • debit cards/accounts
  • prepaid cards
  • bank accounts
  • mobile wallets

Its as easy as you like


Fund your CAARY cash account with your attached business account


Enter your New Payee details or select from stored favourites


Funds are disbursed instantly to your Payee’s account– up to $50k USD per transaction

Rewards and Discounts

Rewards you can actually use

CAARY Cards are designed with business needs in mind. Focus on your business, not on optimizing points redemption

Forget Pointless “Points”

Earn straight-up 1.5% cashback on all your business spend , no need to switch between cards to maximize points value.

Rewards that never go to waste

Your cashback balance is automatically credited to your monthly bill, so you’ll never lose out on your rewards.

Discounts on services that help you grow

We are partnering with service providers you use daily for exclusive deals, discounts and offers in Canada including Mastercard Easy Savings®

No Fees

There are no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees, and no late fees

See what you could be getting with CAARY

More per year with CAARY Corporate Mastercard

Business Credit and Payments Technology

Designed for businesses in all stages of growth

Higher Credit Limits

Unlimited and Instant Card Issuance

No Founder liability or Credit checks

Straight up 1.5% cashback

No Hidden Fees

Zero Fraud Liability

Easy online application

Automatic receipt matching

One - click accounting sync

Upgrade your Corporate Card

Simplify your life

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