Take charge of
your spend

Help your business make smarter decisions with flexible corporate credit cards and a management dashboard that enables visibility and control.


Effortless spend control

Instantly lock, cancel, reorder and customize credit cards right from Caary’s management dashboard.

Unlimited virtual credit cards for employees

No more sharing credit cards! Issue on-demand cards for specific expenses or projects, equipping your team with virtual credit cards with custom spending limits and expiry dates.

Dedicated virtual credit cards for suppliers

Set it and forget it – dedicate credit cards for regular suppliers with custom limits and expiry dates.

Smart notifications for complete visibility

Look forward to transaction alerts via email, SMS or push notifications to ensure no expense goes unmonitored.

Multi-level access and controls

Over time, define user roles for employees and key partners.

Easy online sign up.

How it works

Cards that enforce
your budgets

Card management has never been easier. With Caary, you can issue or freeze cards, set monthly or single-purchase limits, set individual card spending rules and even get notifications to monitor spend on all cards.

How it works

Empower your teams

Export your team’s entire spend request and approvals history for full accountability. Coming soon – you will be able to create multi-layered roles for your team, such as Card Member, Admin or Manager and send alerts via email, SMS or Slack.

Spend control FAQs

How can I control spend on a Caary card?

Caary allows you to issue employee cards and dedicate supplier cards with custom spend limits that automatically enforce your company’s spend policies. You can also control expiry dates with virtual cards. When issuing virtual cards, you can choose a date in the future when the card will stop accepting transactions. This creates flexibility to support specific expenses or projects, like a seven-day trip or a month-long software trial. You can also lock and unlock or cancel any card at any time online.

Will my Caary card work internationally?

Caary cardholders can use their cards at any of the millions of merchants across 200+ countries where Mastercard is accepted.


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