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Designed for small and medium-sized businesses

At Caary, you get more than a corporate credit card – you get access to a full-service financial platform to help you manage your company’s finances while you focus on managing your business.

No personal liability or credit impact


We underwrite your business, not you. Innovative algorithms allow us to extend credit and support businesses in different stages of growth. Build your business credit with zero personal impact.

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Virtual cards

Issue new cards in seconds

Issue virtual cards instantly to manage your online spend, enable employees and streamline supplier payments, all backed by the global Mastercard® network.

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Physical cards

No-fee cards

Our physical no-fee Mastercard®, like our virtual credit cards, can be issued individually as needed with cash-back rewards and no foreign exchange charges for purchases outside of Canada.

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Two formats,
same benefits


Both our virtual and physical credit cards
share the same great Caary benefits:

  • No personal guarantees or credit checks
  • No annual fees or foreign exchange fees
  • 1.5% cash back rewards
  • Unlimited cards
  • Add to your mobile wallet
  • Management dashboard
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Zero fraud liability

Card FAQs

What is a Caary Business Mastercard®?

Caary is a corporate card that does not require a personal credit check or personal guarantee, and there is no annual fee. It connects to your corporate bank account and offers a number of benefits tailored to businesses.

How much does it cost?

Caary is a no-fee credit card. That means there are no annual card fees and no foreign transaction (FX) fees.

Will applying for Caary affect my credit score?

No. Applying for Caary, whether your application is approved or rejected, will never affect your personal credit score.


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